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> Mark Walters <markwalters1...@gmail.com> writes:
> >
> > Before checking other things: have you run notmuch new? That's needed to
> > update the database. It is an irreversible update so notmuch-0.17 will
> > not work with the updated database.
> No, I haven't.  Okay, so that must be it.  Sorry for bothering people.
> The discussion of the NEWS was a bit confusing, so I wanted to check it
> out.  I knew something had to be very wrong.
> Weill the new primitives still allow me to group my mail hierarchically
> in searches?  The new man page is not totally clear on what is being
> matched.

Here are some examples:

  $ notmuch config get database.path
  $ notmuch count -- folder:Gmail/Tux
  $ notmuch count -- 'path:Gmail/**'

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