Hi everyone!

I have just tagged alot v0.3.6; You can get a tarball here [0].

This version bump mostly reflects me catching up with the many fixes,
tweaks and some new features I received as pull requests.

Usage updates since v0.3.5:
* implement vim-style "move last" command (bound to G)
* fixes in reply/forwarding
* add option "--tags" to taglist command to display only a subset of the tags
* fix: safely interrumpt a command sequence
* use suffix ".eml" for temporary email files when editing
* interpret "compose mailto:foo@bar"; commands
* new "tomorrow" colour theme
* Add some Emacs keybindings for prompts

As usual, a quick hall of fame for recent contributors:
$ git shortlog -s -n 0.3.5...|tail -n +2
     4  Hamish Downer
     4  Yann Rouillard
     4  Your Name
     3  Stanislav Ochotnicky
     2  Cinghio Pinghio
     2  Simon Chopin
     1  Christian Geier
     1  Emmanuel Beffara
     1  Gonéri Le Bouder
     1  Martin Zimmermann
     1  Siim Põder

As you have surely noticed, alot is no longer actively developed and entered a
sluggish maintenance mode. This is of course due to real life catching up and
also because I don't see any immediate need for improvement. I don't plan to
abandon it as my main email client any time soon and therefore still
occasionally take the time to comment on and merge pull requests.
Let me know if you'd like to get involved in further developing/maintaining 
this project.

Nevertheless: There are still tons of good ideas for improvements floating
around as issues on github and some even have proof-of-concept implementations
(syntax highlighting for instance #272,#612).

Bug reports, feature or pull requests via the projects github page [1]
are of course always welcome.


[0]: https://github.com/pazz/alot/tarball/0.3.6
[1]: https://github.com/pazz/alot

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