I decided to give notmuch a spin and installed version 0.18.1 on my mail
provider's shell server. The layout offered by my mail provider's
Dovecot is such that INBOX is stored in Maildir format at ~/Maildir and
other folders are stored as subfolders of ~/Maildir, filename of each
directory beginning with a period. In addition, ~/Maildir contains files
'dovecot-uidlist' and dovecot-uidvalidity', and each subdirectory
contains an empty file 'maildirfolder' in addition to the usual cur, new
and tmp. I don't know if this is an unusual layout or not.

When I run 'notmuch new' I get:

        Found 9903 total files (that's not much mail).
        Error reading file /home/users/(username)/Maildir/.act/.act: No such 
        or directory
        Processed 1 file in almost no time.
        Added 1 new message to the database.
        Note: A fatal error was encountered: Something went wrong trying to read
        or write a file

The subdirectory .act is really the first (alphabetically) subdirectory
of ~/Maildir, but .act/.act does not exist and I don't know why notmuch
tries to read it. In a following run the .act subdirectory gets replaced
by .Drafts, but the error is the same. So for some reason 'notmuch new'
tries to read for each subdirectory a deeper subdirectory which does not
exist. Only emails in the top-level INBOX folder are added to the
database. The same collection of email offlineimap'd to my local
computer and with a more plain layout (each folder as a subdirectory of
~/mail, no dots) is read without problems.

What could be going wrong here? Is this a layout that should be indexed
by notmuch?

Please note that I'm not subscribed to this mailing list -- I'm not
using notmuch yet so I can't handle the volume :)

Perttu Luukko
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