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thanks  alot, i'll try to see those options (when i find a bit of
time :)

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Mark Walters <> writes:

> Hi
> On Wed, 03 Sep 2014, David Belohrad <> wrote:
>> oukej. this seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. Is there a way how
>> to 'cycle' in notmuch different From: fields? I'd need to setup like 3
>> addresses, each of them with different signatures and be able to easily
>> switch between them....
> You might finding setting notmuch-always-prompt-for-sender to 't is
> what you want (you can set if in customise or directly)
> This prompts you for the sender address and takes options from your
> notmuch config file (that is from user.primary_email and
> user.other_email from .notmuch-config) so will quite possibly just work.
>>> (defun kea/message-select-mail-dest ()
>>>   (cond ((string-match "<>"
>>>                        (message-field-value "From"))
>>>          (kea/send-mail-with-x))
>>>         (t
>>>          (kea/send-mail-with-y))))
>>> (kea/send-mail-with-y)
>>> (add-hook 'message-send-hook 'kea/message-select-mail-dest)
> I will also mention an alternative approach to using hooks here. You
> could customise message-send-mail-function to be your own function which
> let binds the appropriate send-mail settings and have that call the
> actual send-mail function (eg message-send-mail-with-sendmail)
> Best wishes
> Mark
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