On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 10:19:35AM -0700, W. Trevor King wrote:
> I like nmbug's distributed tag maintenance, but not everyone has
> notmuch/nmbug installed locally (yet ;).  However, everyone that I
> know does have a browser and a mail client.  They can submit
> messages with their mail client already, but we've been missing a
> way for them to help tag messages.

Ah, and the other piece to this workflow is the existing nmbug-status,
which collects the results of canned searches so folks without a local
notmuch can use the tags [1].  Folks using a local nmhive will
probably want to run their own status-genertion via a post-commit hook
in their nmhive repository.  Then their users will have their
search-results updated after each web-initiated change.  If you also
wanted them to see updates from changes to tethera's nmbug repository,
you'd probably also want a cron job that tried to fetch and merge
tethera's changes with the nmhive changes:

  -o---o---o----o  tethera/master
    \            \
     \            o  nmhive/status  (auto-generated merge for nmbug-status)
      \          /
       o---o----o   nmhive/master (with web-initiated changes)

You'd want to resolve conflicts somehow, but any resolution strategy
is probably fine, since it's unlikely that we get conflicts very


[1]: http://nmbug.tethera.net/status/

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