Jani Nikula <j...@nikula.org> writes:

> This series refactors and cleans up insert, improves error handling and
> reporting, and adds post-insert hook. I intend to add documentation and
> more tests, but the code is ready for review. Also, at least some of the
> cleanups and fixes in the beginning of the series could go in without
> additional tests or documentation.

The first 4 seem trivial, and I marked them so.

5-8 don't introduce new functionality, and don't break 
any existing tests. Subject to a little more review, these could 
probably be merged now.

5 is almost trivial; it wouldn't hurt to explicitly document the return
values of sync_dir, while touching this code.

6 and 8 seem ok, but should probably have another pair of eyes.

7 seems ok. At first I worried about the usual issue of races between
name definition and open, but it seems like nothing changes here.

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