Hi Michal, been busy lately so I haven't got into this...

... I'll look into it in a bit more detail a bit later, 

On Tue, Oct 14 2014, Michal Sojka <sojk...@fel.cvut.cz> wrote:

> I don't know. You seem to think about this in the opposite way than how
> it is implemented. The implementation really filters things out whereas
> you specify what not to filter.
> My feeling is that if you would implement your proposal, the code would
> be more complex than in my patch, because the mapping between command
> line options and the actual algorithm would require some extra code. And
> in a previous comment, you preferred simplicity.

Yes, maybe the choice of reusing --duplicate was bad, and perhaps took
thought from the main point -- what kind output options should be possible...

> Hopefully, you consider the above as "healthy" criticism.

Yes, I do -- I hope we can get something decent out in this in near future,
with duplicate filtering that can have useful options to be used directly
by MUAs and no duplicate filtering option which I can use in 
nottoomuch-addresses in 2016 ;D

> Thanks for quick review.
> -Michal

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