David Bremner <da...@tethera.net> writes:
> If I understand the code correctly, this movement will only happen
> when one of the maildir-flag-equivalent tags is changed. I haven't dug
> ack through the archives, but I think mutt uses presence in new/ as
> some kind of extra unseen state, so people requested not to move files
> until needed.

When I have added 'unread' tag the file was still in new/. Only after
removing 'unread' afterwards the file has been moved to cur/. So it
seems you're right, but take a look at the following excerpt from

    test_begin_subtest "Message in new with maildir info is moved to cur on any 
tag change"
    add_message [filename]='message-with-info-to-be-moved-to-cur:2,' [dir]=new
    notmuch tag +anytag id:$gen_msg_id
    output=$(cd "$MAIL_DIR"; ls */message-with-info-to-be-moved-to-cur*)
    test_expect_equal "$output" "cur/message-with-info-to-be-moved-to-cur:2,"

What is different about the test case and my case is that my mail file
doesn't have ":2," suffix. Adding the suffix to file name makes it
working as expect by test case. I see I would have to convert my mail
files names, but I think this inconsistency in notmuch should also take
some attention.

Amadeusz Żołnowski

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