fauno <fa...@kiwwwi.com.ar> writes:

> Peter Salazar <cycleofs...@gmail.com> writes:
>> Hello,
>> I'm using notmuch-mode from within Emacs to send email using async/mbsync
>> through Gmail. However, every time I send email from within Emacs, I get
>> this error:
> i got this message too for fcc with default values, i'm on emacs 24.5
> with notmuch 0.21

Can either of you replicate the problem with a minimal configuration,
ideally with "emacs -q", followed by "M-x load-library <return>

If so, does the path in the Fcc header exist? If so, what is it? a file,
a directory, a symlink?

For me, in emacs 24.5 / notmuch 0.21, with emacs -q, if that path is
missing I am prompted to create it. If I refuse, then I later get a
message about not being a maildir.

I guess the tl;dr is that I can't duplicate this problem. Looking at the
traceback Peter provided, it looks like he is using
"send-message-without-bullets" to send the message. Since this isn't a
notmuch function, it's likely bypassing the notmuch fcc setup that
notmuch-mua-send and notmuch-mua-send-and-exit do.


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