On Thu, Nov 12 2015, Mark Walters wrote:
>> devel/try-emacs-mua.sh provides an easy way to try and experiment with
>> the notmuch emacs client provided in emacs subdirectory of notmuch
>> source tree.


> I like this -- a nice simple way to get to a working but uncustomised
> test environment.
> I don't know how easy the following would be but one addition that I
> would find very useful would be a way to make this use the test
> corpus. This would be useful for giving a completely standard
> environment for interactive testing, but also for debugging what is
> going on when tests fail.

This is already possible. If a test fails, its working directory is not
deleted and you can run e.g. ./test/tmp.T310-emacs/run_emacs, where you
can interactively reproduce the test. What you miss compared to Tomi's
approach is the hint screen and extra logging.

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