Paul Wise <> writes:

> I would like to have a daemon running to index my mail as it arrives,
> gets marked read and is deleted. This would ensure that the database is
> up to date when I do a search using notmuch or one of the interfaces.
> Right now if I mark a mail as read and try to view it in a notmuch
> frontend then I get an error until I manually run `notmuch new`. 

Can you describe in more detail what error you are seeing, and how the
file is being marked read?

> I expect the right interface to use for notifications of filesystem
> events is inotify since fanotify doesn't send rename events. This would
> require one inotify per directory.
> It would be great if it could autostart when ~/.notmuch-config exists,
> using systemd per-user services or perhaps via login autostart stuff.

Currently notmuch doesn't deal very well with e.g. tag changes while
indexing is happening, and my personal feeling is that we should improve
that behaviour first before supporting more concurrency upstream.


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