Keith Packard <> wrote:
> Postfix adds mbox-style From lines when used in combination with
> maildrop or .forward files. If they have another line starting with
> 'From ' in them, notmuch complains about them not being mail files.
> If we assume the user hasn't screwed up and misconfigured their mail
> system, then we can safely ignore whether the file started with an
> mbox header and just parse it as a single-message file.

I think it is fine to go ahead with this change. At the same time the
behaviour of Postfix should be corrected so it doesn't add mbox-style From
lines to mails in maildir format.

The same problem existed in the Debian exim4 config. I filed a bug, it was

Here is a bug in maildrop suggesting that it should strip the mbox-style From
line from the top of mails:

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