David Bremner <da...@tethera.net> writes:

> +The **has:** prefix searches for messages with a particular
> +<key>=<value> property pair. Properties are used internally by notmuch
> +(and extensions) to add metadata to messages. A given key can be
> +present on a given message with several different values.
> +

I probably should have added to the commit message that this
documentation is intentionally minimal, because it's not intended for
people creating properties; that should go in API documentation, I think.

> +    { "has",                 "XPROPERTY" },
>      /*
>       * Without the ":", since this is a multi-letter prefix, Xapian
>       * will add a colon itself if the first letter of the path

I don't really understand the comment on the next line (since it seems
that no : is added to XPROPERTY by Xapian), but I guess we should
probably be consistent. Maybe Jani can explain the comment?

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