Mark Walters <> writes:

> I agree that C-u is a little cumbersome -- I think I would be happy for
> a toggle for single messages (with a single tag change), but for
> multiple messages like a thread I think it would be very unclear what it
> was doing.

It's also not clear how toggle works for multiple tags. I mean, it's
clear in a mathematical sense, but not so clear when it would be
expected and useful in a UI sense.

> It would be plausible to modify my patch so that k u does the same as
> Ctrl-u k (i.e. takes you to the reverse tag operations) which would
> avoid the awkward ctrl-u. (I don't want to add another key to the top
> level maps as we are really very short on free keys)

A third option would be to use M-k as a synonym for C-u k

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