On Sat 2016-08-06 09:52:30 -0400, David Bremner wrote:
> This obsoletes
>      id:1470184228-12517-1-git-send-email-da...@tethera.net
> In particular it fixes the compile errors (boo), and adds dkg's
> has: queries, with minimal doc and tests.

I've been running this series of patches since shortly after they were
released.  They work for me, and they're a critical feature to enable
the cleartext index series i've been trying to land.  I'd like to
nominate them for inclusion in 0.23 (if we can get them pushed to
master, i might even nominate my cleartext index series for 0.23 as

As i've been maintaining them against the master branch, they've
diverged slightly from the series here.  I'd be happy to send the
updated revisions here if folks want them, but there are no substantive

You can see the current branch at proprties-v3 (commit ID
9d98707a90c0fcd0eb7b0671edb7d9e39aff551f) on



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