Daniel Kahn Gillmor <d...@fifthhorseman.net> writes:

> I've been running this series of patches since shortly after they were
> released.  They work for me, and they're a critical feature to enable
> the cleartext index series i've been trying to land.

OK, that's certainly more testing and API evaluation than most series
get. I'd still like someone other than me to sanity check the code
itself, and the design decisions that hard to change later, namely
changes to the database format and the dump-restore format. And of
course the main reason we want code review is for to find the issues
that I am not aware of. Tomi, I know you've read the code at some level,
are you happy with merging the series?

> As i've been maintaining them against the master branch, they've
> diverged slightly from the series here.  I'd be happy to send the
> updated revisions here if folks want them, but there are no substantive
> changes.

I can confirm that's just a rebase against master of what I have.
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