Daniel Kahn Gillmor <d...@fifthhorseman.net> writes:

> So this failure that bremner's reporting appears to happen only when
> combining the #secure mode with a message with attachments.  It doesn't
> happen when the draft itself is just plaintext and one of the #secure
> flags is set.  And there's no problem if there are attachments without
> the #secure flag.
> Bremner, can you confirm this?

Yes, that sounds about right. Although the emacs bug I reported does not
have to do with attachments per se, just the requirement that the
#secure tag is at the top of the message

> I also noticed that if you rearrange the text before sending so that the
> #secure flag is at the top of the message, the structure of the message
> looks weird -- in particular, there's a double layer of multipart/mixed
> just within the crypto transformation, instead of a single layer.
> that said, these patches are really useful to me even in their current
> form, since most of my draft messages don't deal with both crypto and
> attachments.  Is there some way to get the benefits here without the bug
> at the intersection?

We could (and I think emacs should) abort if it detects #secure anywhere
but on the first line.

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