Nick Howell wrote:
> I have a few patchsets adding:

> - attachment support in compose
> - mailcap support for multipart messages

Mildly clean (imo), independent versions of these have been sent to
the mailing list; they are meant to be applied on-top of felipec's
repository. (I was unaware of, and haven't looked at, the imain repo.)

> - pgp support (decorations for reading, controls for composing)

This is pretty messy right now, especially given that it requires
patching mail-gpg and ruby-gpgme, and also uses some features
command-line gpg exposes that ruby-gpgme doesn't. I don't think I can
get an RFC version out for awhile. For anything to be sane, we would
have to upstream to these two ruby libraries. I hope we wouldn't have
to upstream to gpgme (as this would involve new code, as opposed to
massaging what I already have).

> - block operations on messages when searching

I can probably get an RFC version of this out in a couple days.

> as well as miscellaneous minor bugfixes/features.

Hopefully many of these patches will disappear in the rebase/cleanup
process. (Though I know where policy for rebasing is probably defined,
I haven't looked at it.)

I can also send out a monster mess 75-patch series, which includes
everything; maybe this would be useful for folks who want to know what
the finished product will look like. But it's too big and unfocused to
ask RFC on it.


p.s. please let me know if I broke some rule of patch mailing
ettiquette, e.g. should I have included "vim:" or based the patches
off of notmuch.git?
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