Nick Howell <> writes:

> Nick Howell wrote:
>> I have a few patchsets adding:
>> - attachment support in compose
>> - mailcap support for multipart messages
> Mildly clean (imo), independent versions of these have been sent to
> the mailing list; they are meant to be applied on-top of felipec's
> repository. (I was unaware of, and haven't looked at, the imain repo.)

For whatever reason, I didn't see those messages on the (i.e. this) mailing 

> p.s. please let me know if I broke some rule of patch mailing
> ettiquette, e.g. should I have included "vim:" or based the patches
> off of notmuch.git?

Yes, from our point of view notmuch.git is upstream, so all patches for
potential inclusion should be based off of that.

It would be handy to include vim: in the subject line, but it's not
absolutely crucial.

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