Mark Walters <> writes:

> Getting this defcustom to work was quite tricky, so please could
> people test: just try M-x customize-variable notmuch-search-line-faces
> and see if a custom widget displays correctly (in particular that it
> doesn't complaine about a type mismatch.

it works for me, fwiw

> I am not certain this is better than just reverting 2a7b -- even with
> the above the customisation for notmuch-search-line-faces is more
> complex (to the user as well as in the code)

I think I can live with the complexity from a UI point of view. I agree
it's a bit aesthetically displeasing, but I don't think it prevents the
user from getting the face customized.

> Finally, the docstring says that a list of faces is also allowed. I
> believe that is true but making that work with the customize widget
> would be horrible. I think we should remove the documentation for it
> from the defcustom and just put a lisp comment in the source code --
> if the user wants to set it with a "setq" then they can read the
> actual source.

OK; this could be a followup patch.

I'll wait a few more days for discussion and testing.

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