David Bremner <da...@tethera.net> writes:

> I (very) recently started using longer key sequences with Mark's
> tag-jump feature. One thing I miss from a similar feature in org-mode
> (e.g. exporting) is some visual feedback on what I have typed so far,
> and thus what my next key is likely to do.

Tangentially, has an alternative UI been considered such as something
based on ido?  I mention this merely because building on something
standard is probably going to be less work and more familiar to users.

The other day I was thinking that if no "jumps" are configured, and the
user has ido mode on, selecting among all saved searches with ido would
be a natural thing for 'j' to do.  Some users (probably me) may then
never bother to set up shortcut keys.
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