"J. Lewis Muir" <jlm...@imca-cat.org> writes:

> On 11/12, Austin Clements wrote:
>> Quoth David Bremner on Nov 04 at  1:26 pm:
>> > I agree it looks like a race condition. inotify sounds a bit
>> > overcomplicated and perhaps non-portable? It should probably just
>> > tolerate disappearing files better, consider that a warning.
>> Inotify really *is* the solution.
> I don't see how inotify can be the solution unless the idea is to make
> Notmuch run on Linux only.  Inotify is a Linux kernel API.  Some other
> OSes have their own native file event notification facilities, but not
> all of them have it, and most (if not all) only support file event
> notifications for certain file systems and not for others (e.g., not for
> NFS).

Yeah, it's worth saying that, even if I think Austin knows. I was
thinking that an alternative approach might be to have either notmuch
new or notmuch insert take a file name on the command line, and let the
user call it via what ever kind of directory watcher utility works on
their system.

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