Jani Nikula <j...@nikula.org> writes:

> +/* Exit status code indicating that file(s) in the mail store were
> + * removed or renamed after notmuch new scanned the directories but
> + * before indexing the file(s). If the file was renamed, the indexing
> + * might not be complete, and the user is advised to re-run notmuch
> + * new.
> + */
> +

What do you think about defining something like NOTMUCH_EXIT_TEMPFAIL 75
(to match EX_TEMPFAIL) and using that?  There is also some stalled patch
around for insert to use EX_TEMPFAIL (although in that case part of the
reason it has stalled is I'm not convinced the error is temporary).

I think such an exit code would also make sense for locking failures;
but that is a different discussion.

Other than that the patch looks like an incremental improvement
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