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> This is an answer to the discussion we were having on irc the other day about 
> easily installing the emacs front-end for a single user.
> For users of package.el supporting emacs (iirc, emacs 24.1+), you can
> 1) make elpa
> 2) From within emacs M-x package-install-file <return> 
> the-tarball-produced-in-step-1 <return>
> That's it, no modifications of paths etc... required.
> [PATCH 1/2] build: Move variable definitions to Makefile.global
> This looks big, but it's just code movement. Of course with makefiles
> moving things around is not without peril, so test builds in various
> corner cases (e.g. not current Debian) would be a good idea

Series LGTM (especially Makefile.global)

Worked without hiccups on SL6.2)

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