Having given up on most email clients yet trapped by them, I came  
across notmuch.
Quite eager to build,

1.download xapian,

A suggestion :

In the INSTALL/README file, mention that xapian-config should be on path
and that it be called xapian-config.
When I installed the latest, it was installed in /usr/local/bin (not  
in my path)
at xapian-config-1.1

2. download gmime (no problem here)

3. Install talloc (the makefile has errors in it)

Problem Building notmuch:
I got this error:

lib/index.cc: In function ?void  
_index_address_mailbox(notmuch_message_t*, const char*,  
lib/index.cc:46: error: ?strndup? was not declared in this scope

Any ideas?
Thank you

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