On Thu, 2009-11-19 at 15:41 +0100, Carl Worth wrote:

> The other reason I've wanted this is have something like a "folder view"
> that would show a list of tags and a number of messages with each tag,
> (or a number of messages with that tag and the inbox tag).
> I know that Keith said he'd prefer to use a view like that as his
> primary way of reading mail.


I've been pondering approaches to prioritizing the pool of unread
messages.  Most of my thinking so far is along the lines of the ability
to automatically apply tags to new messages on various criteria combined
with the ability to manipulate the order in which tags are presented in
a view like what you're describing.

For better or worse, with about 45k messages hitting my inbox per year
*after* most of the list traffic gets peeled off and fed to a private
NNTP server, it's not about reading all of my email any more... it's
about finding and reading the stuff that actually matters *to me*.
Can't tell you how excited I am about what's happening here!


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