I am strongly interested in giving notmuch a try. But I fail setting
it up. The problem is that during "notmuch new", memory consumption
and system load increases to values that make my system unusable. I
then killed "notmuch new" at a memory consumption of 2.7G and at a
system load of 7.

After hitting Ctrl-C, it says "Stopping" but does not stop. I then
killed "notmuch new" after some minutes with signal KILL.

Is there a problem with the number of my mails? I currently have over
40.000 Mails... they live currently in mbox files, I created a Maildir
with mb2md-3.20.pl.

OS is SuSE Linux 11.1, kernel, notmuch pulled
today from git, compiled manually, dependencies also downloaded and
installed manually, in the following versions:


Any help?


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