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On Sat, 2009-11-21 at 14:14, Bart Trojanowski wrote:
> * Stefan Schmidt <stefan at datenfreihafen.org> [091121 14:06]:
> > IMHO it would be best to do the development inside the main tree. You could 
> > use
> > branches there too and it would be easier to find and test. And as notmuch 
> > is
> > still under heavy development its not a problem that the vim interface is as
> > well.
> Perfect.  How would you like to proceed with the initial integration?
> Pulling my tree, or me squashing all the changes into a single patch?
> Also, are you OK with where the files live (ie under a vim directory).

Just started to use it. Its Carls trun to decide such things. :)

Stefan Schmidt

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