Tassilo Horn <tassilo at member.fsf.org> writes:

Hi Mikhail,

>>  TH> Whenever I delete those symlinks and created them anew, the new
>>  TH> mails get indexed with the next "notmuch new".  Of course, I could
>>  TH> create a script that does exactly that, but there should be a
>>  TH> better way, right?
>> Probably mail does not get indexed due to mtime checks. Please try
>> whether touch'ing directory with mailboxes makes it work.
> No, it seems that doesn't help either.

Ah, I'm stupid!  I don't have to touch the symlinks or the directories
inside the locations the symlinks point to, but instead I have to touch
the top-level directory where the symlinks are contained in.  Then it
works as expected, AFAICT.

Thanks a lot,

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