On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 12:14:15PM -0600, Jeffrey C. Ollie wrote:
> cat > Makefile.config <<EOF
> prefix = /usr/local
> bash_completion_dir = /etc/bash_completion.d
>-CFLAGS += ${have_valgrind}
>+CFLAGS += ${have_valgrind} ${strndup} ${getline}

This doesn't seem to do much for me, they don't seem to end up in the args 
passed to g++. I'm no Makefile wizard, so I got notmuch finally compiling by 
simply copy/pasting the ${strndup} and ${getline} from Makefile.config to 

# Now smash together user's values with our extra values
override CFLAGS += $(WARN_FLAGS) $(extra_cflags) -Dstrndup=_notmuch_strndup 
override CXXFLAGS += $(WARN_FLAGS) $(extra_cflags) $(extra_cxxflags) 
-Dstrndup=_notmuch_strndup -Dgetline=_notmuch_getline

- Marten

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