On Fri, 27 Nov 2009 05:30:06 -0800, camalot at picnicpark.org wrote:
> I started using notmuch a few days ago and was astounded at how much
> more efficiently I could process email with it.

Hi Keith, welcome to notmuch!

I'm delighted to hear a positive report like that about my little
project here. [Though, frankly, it's quickly gorwing beyond just "my"
project. We're about 10 days into the "public" phase of notmuch and
already I'm only creating about half of the commits going in. That's

>                                                  For my usage I needed
> a bit more flexibility in replying/forwarding messages and the ability
> to conveniently save attachments.  The set of patches that follow
> contain these two enhancements, a few minor fixes, and the addition of
> a binding of 's' in show mode to notmuch-search.

Hurrah! I'll go through each of these and review. But 's' in show mode I
know I'm going to love---I keep hitting 's' and then start typing
"tag:..." and end up archiving the current thread before I realize I'm
not doing what I think I am. :-}

> I'd be happy to address anything neded to get these changes into shape
> to be included in the main distribution.  Thanks for all your work
> putting together such a promising email client.

You're quite welcome, and thanks for your contributions!


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