On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 12:09 AM, Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org> wrote:
> On Fri, 27 Nov 2009 19:09:56 -0600, Jeffrey Ollie <jeff at ocjtech.us> wrote:
>> $ ./notmuch new
>> Found 328184 total files.
> That's certainly not the largest number of messages we've seen indexed
> successfully by notmuch, (I think Keith has near 3 times that
> number). [Maybe notmuch should be reporting the total size of the mail
> store as well...]

Heh, I'm not done downloading them all yet, but I doubt that I'll hit
the 1M mark, maybe 500-600K.

>> Warning: Unexpected extra parts of multipart/signed. Indexing anyway.
> Oh, that's a warning I put in place because I wasn't sure if it was
> legitimate for a multipart/signed message to have more than two
> parts. I'd actually be interested to know if the mail is correct, (and I
> should just eliminate the warning), or if the mail is somehow malformed
> and the warning is correct.

No, I think it's legitimate to have multiple parts inside of a
multipart/signed (just very rare).  I've identified the message that
caused the warning.  I'm including it as an attachment, hopefully it
won't get tagged as spam because it's a response to a spam report that
I sent a while back.

>> Note: Ignoring non-mail file:
>> /home/jeff/mail/message/6/5/65c74c15a686187bb6bbf9958f494fc6b80068034a659a9ad44991b08c58f2d2
>> Note: Ignoring non-mail file:
>> /home/jeff/mail/message/7/9/7902699be42c8a8e46fbbb4501726517e86b22c56a189f7625a6da49081b2451
>> Note: Ignoring non-mail file:
>> /home/jeff/mail/message/8/0/802071f7fcd8b0b74a19e1ca64e5468184fee0c9171bacb77ae1fe1669c426ee
> Those you should check to see if they actually do look like mail
> messages. Notmuch decides to ignore a file when it can't find any of the
> following headers: Subject:, From:, not To:.

Yes, all of those appear to not be complete mail messages, why they
are in one of my IMAP servers remains to be seen.

>> A Xapian exception occurred creating message: Db block overwritten -
>> are there multiple writers?
>> Error: A Xapian exception occurred. Halting processing.
> That's an error I've never seen before. We might want to talk to the
> Xapian folks to see what that could be. There's really no way there can
> be multiple writers here. So I don't know what the actual problem might
> be.
>> Internal error: Message with document ID of 175013 has no thread ID.
>> ?(lib/message.cc:353).
>> [jeff at max1 notmuch]$ ./notmuch new
>> Internal error: Message with document ID of 175013 has no thread ID.
>> ?(lib/message.cc:353).
> Hmm... we could probably do better here. The fatal error you're getting
> here is for an invariant that notmuch thinks is fairly important, (no
> mail document should exist without a thread ID). Meanwhile, however when
> adding a new message we do actually create a mail document in the
> database, and only later resolve its thread ID and add that to the
> database as well. A better solution would be to resolve the thread ID
> before adding anything to the database so that this invariant would
> never be violated.
> Some people have been proposing a "notmuch gc" command or so for
> cleaning up problems like this.
> In the meantime, you could explore the current state of your database by
> changing the code that's currently giving you an internal error to
> instead return a fake thread ID. For example:
> ? ?if (i == message->doc.termlist_end () || id[0] != *prefix)
> ? ? ? ?message->thread_id = talloc_strdup (message, 
> "00000000000000000000000000000000");
> ? ?else
> ? ? ? ?message->thread_id = talloc_strdup (message, id.c_str () + 1);

Unfortunately I deleted the database and am in the process of
recreating it with the verbose flag turned on.  So far the problem has
not occurred again.  So if there's a real bug somewhere I'm wondering
if there isn't a timing-related component to it.

Jeff Ollie
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