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  Carl> On Fri, 27 Nov 2009 05:30:11 -0800, camalot at picnicpark.org wrote:
  >> From: Keith Amidon <keith at nicira.com>
  >> Sometimes forwarding a message is preferable to replying and
  >> modifying the set of recipients.  This commit provides that ability
  >> using the message-forward function.

  Carl> This is nice functionality---we were obviously missing a
  Carl> "forward" command before. So I've pushed this.


  Carl> Meanwhile, this does miss one piece of functionality that we
  Carl> have in "notmuch reply" which is to select the From: address
  Carl> based on which configured email address of the user was found in
  Carl> the recipient list of the original message being forwarded.

  Carl> Any suggestion for this functionality? Does message-mode provide
  Carl> something similar? And if so, should notmuch.el simply read the
  Carl> notmuch configuration for the various email addresses and
  Carl> provide them to message-mode? I definitely don't want new users
  Carl> of notmuch to have to configure email addresses both inside of
  Carl> notmuch and also inside of message-mode, for example.

I'm sure message-mode can be tweaked either gracefully or savagely in
order to provide this.  I'd be happy to look into it although I
unfortunately don't have a lot of time to code right now. 

What are your thoughts generally about integration with things like
message mode vs. implementing more into the C program?  If you think the
message-mode enhancements will have a life I'll spend some time on this
and getting the semi-broken version of the reply functions I posted
working more correctly as well.

       --- Keith

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