On Sat, 28 Nov 2009 09:32:00 -0800, Keith Amidon <camalot at picnicpark.org> 
> What are your thoughts generally about integration with things like
> message mode vs. implementing more into the C program?  If you think the
> message-mode enhancements will have a life I'll spend some time on this
> and getting the semi-broken version of the reply functions I posted
> working more correctly as well.

My style has generally been to do whatever I think is easiest. And since
I'm a user of the emacs interface to notmuch, that often means trying to
use some of the very full-featured code within emacs first.

But then again, as you've seen, just trying to figure out to use that
code can be a challenge in and of itself. And meanwhile, the
improvements to the C program will benefit the other backends.

So when there are quick and easy things, (like calling an existing
function on an 'f' binding like above), that totally makes sense to
do. We can look at things like that as interim solutions until the C
program grows up.

Long-term, I do expect a lot of features to end up being implemented in
the C program.

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