On Thu, 03 Dec 2009 14:15:07 -0800, Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org> wrote:
>   * Showing a thread where the search matches only a subset of the
>     thread now opens only the matched messages (in addition to unread
>     messages).
> This last feature is the big one---the rest all just happened to come
> along at the same time. One thing that I often do is read some giant
> thread and then tag a single message deep in that thread for dealing
> with later. And previously, doing a search for that tag would bring back
> the entire thread. Now, it opens only the message I'm actually looking
> for. So this is a very welcome change

Unfortunately, this change also introduces a major bug.

After I do a search such as tag:inbox and then view a resulting thread,
(and read it and archive it), then my search results still show that
thread result until I manually update the search view.

But, if I actually try to view that thread again from the search view,
it doesn't work. It previously worked since it would call "notmuch show"
with a query string of "thread:foo" but now calls it with "thread:foo
and tag:inbox" which now matches no messages.

The additional search term wasn't intended to change the returned
messages, (since we're passing the --entire-thread option to see all the
messages in the thread). It was only intended to restrict which messages
get the "match:1" marker added to them.

So maybe we need "notmuch show" to accept a second query string
to do something like:

        notmuch show tag:foo --matching tag:inbox

which will display all threads with messages matching "tag:foo" but then
mark only the messages matching "tag:inbox" with the "match:1" marker
for the UI to use.

What do you think, Bart? Did you run into a similar issue with the vim

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