On Thu, 10 Dec 2009 11:14:35 -0400, david at tethera.net wrote:
> From: David Bremner <bremner at unb.ca>
> This fixes the annoying bug of archiving a thread, and then going back
> to open it and getting an error.  It needs the notmuch-show API
> changing patch of 1259979997-31544-3-git-send-email-david at tethera.net.
> ---
> I'm not really expecting Carl to push this patch, because I think he
> has a better solution in mind, but in the mean time maybe someone
> finds it useful. It is saving my sanity already, since in wanderlust
>  'a' = reply :).

On the contrary, David. I pushed this immediately, so thanks!

I'll still do the other solution, (other interfaces will want it), but
in the meantime, it's *really* nice to have this bug fixed.

I also fixed '+' and '-' to work in this same situation, (so you can
actually put an inbox tag *back* if you accidentally remove it). I
haven't yet fixed '*' for this case, so an accidental '* -inbox' won't
be recoverable with '* +inbox' if the current search is tag:inbox.

I've added a TODO item to fix this, (and the proposed fix there will
incidentally fix '*' to actually provide feedback on the added/removed
tags too, which will also help).

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