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> {-- Thu, 10 Dec 2009 16:57:01 -0800: Carl <cworth at cworth.org> wrote: --}
> What do you see as the "write one" behavior for a message with multiple
> attachments?

I was imagining a direct-manipulation approach by clicking on (or
pressing a key while point is on) a button representing the attachment.

And then it would probably be reasonable to make that same keypress save
the next attachment if point is positioned between attachment buttons.

> Yes, you're right the current approach should have had a proper prompt.
> I've been thinking about this though and I wonder if we should skip
> separately prompting for the directory and instead do the following:
> 1) Have customizable "default save directory" both types of attachment
>    saving default to.  Use this as the path part of the prompt for the
>    filename to which the attachment will be written.
> 2) After the user has adjusted the path as required, verify that the
>    full directory path exists and if not create it.
> 3) Use the same directory path as the default for any subsequent
>    attachments that are being saved.

Yes, the above sounds good to me. If the directory doesn't exist it
should probably give a y-or-n prompt before creating it, (and drop back
to prompting for the full filename path again if the users says no to
creating the directory).

> This seems like it would lesson the number of keystrokes required for
> at least some common cases.

Spoken as a man after my own heart.

> I'm not sure it is the most usable solution, but I believe selecting the
> text to save in the rendered message in the thread view and using "M-x
> write-region" should handle this use case.

Funny---I don't think I've ever used that command before. But it should
be handy---thanks!

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