On Wed, 16 Dec 2009 09:18:16 -0400, David Bremner <david at tethera.net> wrote:
> I agree that the labels-in-headers approach has some nice advantages.  I
> haven't thought through merging of tag lists, but maybe that is no worse
> than other approaches.  One thing that worries me a bit is that notmuch
> updates tags often, and each of these updates would require rewriting
> the message, at least in the obvious implementation. I'd hate to finally
> have Xapian issue 350 fixed, only to take an equivalent hit by rewriting
> the message. Maybe it is not that slow.

If it is, maybe we could do the sync-back by renaming notmuch-new to
notmuch-sync, and doing it there.

- Marten

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