On Wed, 13 Jan 2010 00:39:14 -0500, Scott Morrison <smorr at indev.ca> wrote:
> > Maybe a better approach would be content addressing (see below).
> Content hashing -- good Idea (& not something that has hit me before)
> -- better than Message-Id as I believe there are still some MUA /MTAs
> that allow messages without message ids.  The only potential issue
> with this is that it is critical then to preserve the message source
> against encoding changes though that shouldn't be too hard to avoid.

Another problem with content-based naming for messages is that most of
the messages in my mail store that I consider duplicates don't actually
have identical content. (One is sent directly to me via CC and the other
is sent by the mailing-list software *after* appending a footer to the

That said, notmuch already does use a sha-1 sum as the message
identifier for any message that does not have a valid Message-ID
header. So there's definitely a place for this.

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