Before trying to implement anything I decided to send a mail to the list
to ask people's opinion.

What's the problem?
Notmuch isn't very configurable.

How can Lua integration solve this?
Here are initial thoughts on how to integrate Lua with notmuch.
Any comments appreciated.

1. Configuration file:
The configuration file can be a Lua script that allows more dynamic
configuration. Here's an example:

# notmuch configuration file:
config = {}
config.dbpath = "/path/to/maildir"
config.exclude = function (maildir)
    return not string.match(maildir, ".*Trash.*")

2. Hooks:
This is a feature I really miss having switched from sup.
There can be many hooks, a hook that formats search output,
a hook that is called before adding messages to the database which may
be used to add initial tags depending on headers etc.

Why Lua?
Lua has many advantages over other scripting languages when it comes to
integration with a C program. It has a very clean and easy C API, the
overhead of running Lua scripts is not noticable among other things.

Ali Polatel
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