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SSpaeth.de> wrote:
DOH, I should actually have finished the Workflow section before sending
it off :-):

1a) start out with notmuchsync -r in order to initialize the notmuch tag
database based on maildir 'S' flags. This is probably what everyone but
Carl Worth wants. :-) If the "--all" command works for you, even better,
but I doubt it as it would store all your mails in RAM. I'll need to
work on some chunking for this.
1b) start out with nnotmuchsync -s if your notmuch tags are
authoritative and it will modify your Maildir flags accordingly.

After that a periodic:
2) "notmuchsync -s" syncs tags to flags (Currently 'S' only)
3) "notmuchsync -p" purges mail files with "delete" flags

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