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SSpaeth.de> wrote:
> What does it do?
> ================
>  - Synchronizes the "S" flag with the "unread" tag (1-way). The
>  synchronization direction is decided by using either --sync (change
>  maildir flags according to notmuch) or --revsync (change notmuch tags 
> according to maildir). By default it always checks the mails from the 
> previous 30
>  days (but can also do --all mails if you have plenty of RAM and time).
>  - Deletes all mail files that have the "delete" tag
>  - Quiet/normal/verbose logging 

Excellent. Sounds like nearly exactly what I thought about doing last
weekend, except that I couldn't find a nice Ruby library quickly and
then my attention-span was over :)

Also, I'm curious as to Carl's opinion to this, but as far as I'm
concerned, not everything about notmuch needs to be coded in
C. Obviously, things interacting with the database directly need to, but
if it could be built upon the notmuch C-based CLI commands, and be fast
enough, would that be eligible to make it into the repository?

- Marten

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