> I think it would make sense to move the mainline to git.debian.org
> for now, or another place where everyone can easily get an account.
> As alternatives I propose repo.or.cz. I'd prefer to stay away from
> commercial services like Github.

Any of those sounds fine to me, really. No preferences. I have little
experience with git, so I can't comment on the hierarchy of branches.
Cherry-picking all those patches "up" does sound like it needs some
dedicated attention though...

> Sebastian, would it make sense to migrate your work into a 'pu'
> branch?

Not sure. My feature branch is basically just the branch I use and I have
ecclectically been adding patches that seemed useful to me and ignored
others I was not so sure about. I have no clue if Carl would want those
features/patches in master, but if yes he is free to pull it into an
unstable branch or however we want to name it.

> What patch tracking workflow should we adopt? Keep sending patches
> to the mailing list and have a few people who integrate them into
> master or pu (or even maint/next), as appropriate? Use the Debian
> bug tracker? Use Sebastian's Roundup instance? Set up a patch queue
> manager on notmuchmail.org? Use patchwork [1]?

Personally, I like how patchwork complements mailing lists for collecting
patches, so a patchwork-supported mailing list would work well for me. I
have less experience with the Debian bug tracker, not sure if a
'downstream' project can simply use it (but you would know that :-)). I
wouldn't mind to have my roundup used, but it should probably be on some
more officially-looking URL, rather than on a random personal webspace,
shouldn't it?

All  I know is that there is a great momentum behind notmuch at the
moment, and it would be great to not lose that.


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