On Tue, 26 Jan 2010 10:32:02 -0600, Scott Robinson <scott at quadhome.com> 
> Excerpts from Jameson Rollins's message of Mon Jan 25 15:46:55 -0600 2010:
> > I think this idea is a really good one and I would like to pursue it as
> > a tangent thread here.  I was going to propose something very similar to
> > this.  I think it's a very flexible idea that would help in a lot of
> > ways.
> > 
> > [...]
> This is getting involved. 
> Maybe I'm missing something in this thread; but, why couldn't these complex 
> and
> context-sensitive decisions be delegated to sub-processes? ala git hooks?

I think this idea is completely independent of anything having to do
with using git as a mail store.  That's why I was trying to separate it
into a separate thread.

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