Excerpts from micah anderson's message of Tue Jan 26 17:24:15 -0500 2010:
> On Mon, 25 Jan 2010 16:46:43 -0800, sebastian at sspaeth.de wrote:
> > > I think it would make sense to move the mainline to git.debian.org
> > > for now, or another place where everyone can easily get an account.
> > > As alternatives I propose repo.or.cz. I'd prefer to stay away from
> > > commercial services like Github.
> I too prefer to stay away from commercial,non-free services like GitHub.
> Gitorious (http://www.gitorious.org/) is a great service, similar to
> Github, but with added freedom.
> Currently the git repository is at git://notmuchmail.org/git/notmuch
> which seems like a fine location for it, but perhaps I missed the
> motivation for switching to a centralized repository with the added
> overhead of giving people access to commit?
> Couldn't all of this be done without moving the existing git repository
> (don't forget that transition is a cost)? Those who wish to put together
> these proposed branches go ahead and do so, publishing those wherever
> they like (git.debian.org, gitorious, their own hosted git repositories,
> or even github) and then Carl can just add those as remotes as he sees
> fit.
I agree. There is no good reason to switch away from the existing
infrastructure. If he wants, Carl can give regular contributors their
own repositories on notmuchmail.org if some people have difficulties
providing it themselves. After all, this is one of the strengths of
distributed version control.

- Ben

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