* martin f krafft (madduck at madduck.net) wrote:
> also sprach micah anderson <micah at riseup.net> [2010.01.27.1124 +1300]:
> > Personally, I've found mailing lists that have patches sent to
> > them tends to totally kill the list for anything else. It seems
> > a bit weird to use Debian's bug tracker for a non-Debian native
> > program (but using it for the Debian package of notmuch does make
> > sense). I am not so familiar with Roundup, patch queue trackers or
> > patchwork to have anything to say about those.
> patchwork integrates with the mailing list and slurps patches and
> related discussion and threads them into a webpage, where they can
> be workflow-managed.
> The Debian bug tracker has the benefit of being usable with e-mail
> (and this is notmuch we're developing, don't forget). The others are
> all exclusively web-based, with the exception of launchpad, AFAIK.

  As I use some of the other options...

  Roundup has command line and email interfaces.  The email interface is
quite similar to debian's.  I've never used a launchpad hosted project
so I can't compare it.

  Google's codereview tool has a nice interface for collecting and
commenting on patches, but I suspect that suggestion will also meet with
a degree of friction.  To me codereview feels like patchwork with

  Both gitorious and github have commenting functionality built in.
Commenting on commits in a fork is as easy as opening the commit in
a browser.  I use something along the lines of the following script to
open commits on github:

    #! /bin/sh
    BASE=$(git config remote.${2:-origin}.url | sed 
    COMMIT=$(git rev-parse ${1:-HEAD})
    sensible-browser ${BASE}/${COMMIT}

  Using github or gitorious you can easily find and track forks from one
place as well, which makes discovering new work much easier.  Github
even provides a pretty single page interface to the work going on in
other forks, gitorious requires a little more leg work to do the same
but not much.

  For a couple of hosted projects we use at the office we email the
individual entries from http://github.com/$user/$project/comments.atom
to the mailing list so they're /forcibly/ seen by everybody :)



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