On Fri, 29 Jan 2010 14:21:56 +0100, "Sebastian Spaeth" <Sebastian at 
SSpaeth.de> wrote:
> First, I think this FCC method is phantastic and it works like a
> charm. I agree that we should include the snippets at least in some
> "contrib" directory (or doc/examples) to make it easier to find.

I'm really glad this was useful.  Thanks of course to Jesse, who
initially figured all this out.

I'm pretty convinced that soon enough we'll have a new packages worth of
notmuch helper functions and scripts.

> Jameson Rollins <jrollins at finestructure.net> wrote:
> > (defun my-message-header-setup ()
> >   (message-add-header "Fcc: ~/.mail/sent"))
> > (add-hook 'message-send-hook 'my-message-header-setup)
> I tried to replace that snippet with:
> (setq message-default-mail-headers "Fcc:  ~/.mail/sent\n")
> because I like to see the Fcc header when composing, but this only works
> for new messages (via ctrl-x m) and not when invoked with "r"(eply) on
> an existing message in notmuch.
> Is message-default-mail-headers only invoked for completely new mails?
> The message mode manual doesn't state anything about that.

Yeah, I started out doing that as well, but I tried every permutation of
setup hooks I could think of and couldn't get consisten behavior when
doing replys or new messages.  I ended up just using the send-hook
because it was simple and consistent.

> And I agree with JRollins patch to not add the BCC to myself from
> notmuch.el by default. Either make it a notmuch option, or specify how to
> set up a default BCC in emacs in the docs.

I think this needs to just be done via a personal emacs config.  There's
really no need for the notmuch CLI to handle this, when it can easily
enough be handled by the reader UI.

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