Hello everyone!

I've been using notmuch and following its development for a little while
now, and I've come to like it very much. One thing that has been lacking
is an easy-to-use Emacs interface, and I believe Keith and Carl had a
little discussion a while back about how we should go about making a
paned UI.

So, I dusted off my Elisp manual and hacked up notmuch.el to support a
3-paned UI. This involved the creation of a minor mode (I call it
notmuch-browse-mode) that manages window state, along with several
modifications of existing functions to "do the right thing" when we're
in browse-mode (such as close the "show" window, switch to the "folder"
window, etc.).

The UI is thus far usable, but not bug-free. For example,
advancing-and-archiving using SPC sometimes "advances" to the same
message (but I am always able to advance with "a"). Also, the search
window does not update after archiving, but I believe this is an
existing bug.

The code is in the "emacs-ui" branch of the following repo:


Suggestions, criticism, and a code review are both needed and desired.

Tad Fisher
tadfisher at gmail.com

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