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> A policy of only returning one is going to be problematic for folks who
> want or expect to see the other.  And in fact think I want to see both.
> I have both, and I've asked notmuch to index both, so why shouldn't it
> return both in a search?

Welcome to how gmail does it. When they first hit the scene, as an
operator of a large mailing list service, I was *constantly* being
bugged with support issues from people who were expecting this very
behavior, "I sent a message to the list, but I never got it, did it get
posted to the list?!". Soon I found out that gmail did exactly what
you are reporting notmuch as doing.

The frightening thing is that over the last few years of gmail's
existence, those complaints and support issues have totally gone
away. Does that mean that gmail has trained people to no longer expect
this behavior?

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