--- 2010ko Otsailak 7an, "Aneesh Kumar K. V"-ek idatzi zuen:
> Doesn't 92c4dcc641e9dfb5f65026ebae5cedc8eb1d9e21 help you achive something
> similar ?

That commit allows colors to be applied to the tag name only, whereas this
patch applies the color to the whole line.  Which method(s) notmuch should
support is debatable, of course.  Mutt does whole-line coloring, FWIW.

I should also point out that tag-based coloring is problematic in the current
emacs interface, wherein long subjects can push the tags off the right side of
the window.  That is arguably a bug, but until it is fixed the utility of
tag-only coloring is limited.


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